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well we'll go ahead and link this one directly to #15: tailgating. if you weren't tailgating, you wouldn't have any problem with an evasive manuver of the truck or suv ahead of you. i drove a little car for the first half of my driving years. now i have a jeep. i don't depend on anyone for my safety but my self.

Posted by dave at October 6, 2003 04:34 PM

I am really wondering what the safe distance is (accoriding to law) from another it an SUV truck, ect...?

Posted by Benna at October 21, 2003 01:21 AM

I am an SUV owner and maybe if you traveling so close to the SUV in front of you , you wouldn't have a problem .

Posted by brynn at November 20, 2003 02:58 PM

I didn't see anywhere to add my own pet peeve, so I'll just post it here. Speaking of SUV's, I absolutely hate when people don't know the difference between cars, trucks, and SUV's. I was watching a movie where a guy told his son, "Get back in the car!" when the only vehicle around was a Chevy Suburban. Cearly an SUV. And when I ride with friends in their Ford Explorer, they constantly refer to it as a car. Also, a local Chevy dealer has numerous TV commercials where the main chorus says, "Chevyland: A great place to buy a car" when not one time do they show a car, only trucks for the entire minute! Thank you for hearing my pet peeve. Had to get that off my chest.

Posted by Danny at December 11, 2003 10:47 PM

I just wanted to respond to people that commented here thinking this has something to do with tailgating. IT DOESN'T. Your vehicle is larger than a passenger car and - in reality actually does block a major portion of the vision of a passenger car driver - even when it is at a safe interval behind you.

The issue is the sudden lane change when traffic in the lane is suddenly going slower and you decide to bail out when the passenger car behind may not have a view of what the hell is coming.

Just like an SUV owner... blame the guy behind you, because you can't be the problem.

Posted by Michael at September 3, 2004 03:26 PM

If I have some jerk on my bumper following me and he or she won't back off I take every opportunity I can to find something in the road that I can run up on and at the last minute miss it so he or she can hit it!! If they or you don't like that BACK OFF of the person in front of you!!

Have a nice day! :-)

Posted by Bob at November 12, 2004 08:02 AM

You SUV owners are getting on my nerves. This isn't about tailgaiting, it's about people in regular cars not being able to see around you. The absolute worst thing is a tailgaiting SUV in front of me! They start tapping the brake because they are too close to the cars ahead of them, and I can't tell when I actually need to stop because of major traffic ahead of us. I've had to resort to looking at shadows of cars on the median wall to tell what is going on ahead of me since I can't see.

Posted by Jimmy at November 15, 2004 10:22 AM

SUV's. Ban them. They eat up too much gas anyway, and give the Middle East more power over us economically (and yes, I know we get oil from Canada ,Alaska, Japan and Texas too... but our dependence on the Middle East is just ridiculous in pure notion).

At the risk of pissing off all the SUV owners, the tailgating issue is not tailgating. Some SUV's do exactly what the webmaster is talking about, and they "bail" at the last second.

In Illinois, my state, the proper distance to follow a car is two car lengths... being cautious, I personally endorse three or more depending on speed. However, SOME SUV drivers have that "it's my road" attitude. Those are the ones I find annoying too.

Also, on a second SUV note... I am in / near Chicago... we get (usually) good snow hits in our winter months. IF you don't think most SUV drivers are just assholes, wait until the first few heavy snows, and watch them tear up the Interstates I-88, I-90, 290, I-355, and 294 all over chicago. They blaze through the snow and LITERALLY slalom and weave past others above speed limits.

The law in IL states that you MUST reduce your speed by a MINIMUM of 10 miles under posted limits in hazzardous conditions, which include snowstorms...and excessive snow on the ground. Now I"m not pissed at EVERY SINGLE SUV driver, but for the most part, the people driving SUV's and even mini-vans, simply SHOULDN'T Be. And I'm a gay, liberal democrat, but I will HAVE to say, eventhough I am NOT a sexist, that in my own experience, WOMEN in SUV's are the worst.

They drive those things with a vengeance.

Posted by Mathew at December 8, 2004 03:15 AM

OK then, do we also ban vans, trucks, trailers, semi's, and anything else bigger than a 2 door micro? The issue seems to be swerving, and the lack of time YOU have to react. Sounds like you are blaming the car in front for YOUR lack of ability to drive defensively.

And if we are talking 'eating gas', then lets get rid of anything that has more than 4 cylinders such as trucks, semis, vans, blah blah blah.

Now repeat after me "Not my fault"!

As an aside, the suggested gap between 'vehicles' here in Oz is 2 seconds, so the distance gets bigger the faster you are going.

My 2c (or 2.5AUSc)


Posted by Stuart at December 8, 2004 08:54 PM

Oh God I HATE sharing roads with SUVs, particularly in bad weather. Wait...did I say "share"? Odd choice of words since most SUVs seem to act as if they own the road and don't feel the need to share it with others. In addition to the blocked view issue others raised, there's the "sheeting action" of snow, sleet and rain from the high roofs of these gas-guzzling monsters that the smaller cars have to contend with. I'm remembering one nightmarish trip from Boston to Maine (normally takes 2 hours, this one took over 4 because of blizzard conditions); every SUV who passed us (and they ALL passed us, because they own the road, remember? Speed limit reduction be damned!) literally DUMPED a load of snow on our windshield. We had to pull over multiple times to clear the windshield and headlights. It's a different kind of visibility hazard, but one that definitely exists. The only fun we had that trip was counting the number of SUVs that subsequently ran off the road because their drivers were overconfident. The best one was an SUV who tailgated a State Trooper, bumped him when the cruiser hit the brakes, caused a smaller car to hit him (because the smaller car couldn't see anything bur the SUV's brake lights--too late) and all 3 vehicles went off the road. Snarled traffic for 15 minutes while the Statie ticketed the SUV. Ha! We just missed being car #4 in that one. SUVs routinely block views on narrow country roads, city intersections, and suburban streets in a way that all but the biggest pickups don't. They're accidents waiting to happen.

Also, Hummer owners? Unless you live at the end of 20 miles of unpaved road in the middle of the woods and regularly have to drive over felled trees, you have more vehicle than you need. If you live in the city, you just look like an overcompensating idiot. And there is just no excuse for an Escalade.

Posted by word-e at February 16, 2005 08:36 AM

To the last person who commented 3 months ago, you are "so on the right track." May I "add MY 2-cents"? When I'm next in line to turn (left or right) and the SUV in back of me pulls up beside me (to turn left or right)... Guess what?... I have to wait until they're done, because I can't see past them or around them... period. Common courtesy tells me that we should "take turns" and treat other drivers as WE would want to be treated. Come on SUV people, just because you are bigger and taller, doesn't mean you are "bigger and better."

Posted by Annie at May 26, 2005 08:43 PM

As a driver of a sedan and a SUV I feel that people driving anytype of vehicle should keep a car length between the car they are in and the car in front of them. If they do this they should have no problem stopping when the SUV pulls into another lane.

Posted by kg at June 21, 2005 09:18 AM

I personaly don't own and likely never will own an SUV. I live in an area that gets more snow than anywhere else in the continental US, and confortably drive a small Subaru through the winter. Still, I wouldn't even begin to blame bad driving on the size and shape of the vehicles around me.

Stop road raging for just a moment, take a deep breath, and then back off of the bumper of the vehicle in front of you. Common sense will show that, if you have enough space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, no matter how long they wait to swerve, you will have time to react. Don't belive me? If two lenghts isn't enough, how about four? How about eight? How about fifty? How about a mile? Is that enough space to react? Bad drivers are often at fault, but every driver has a responsibility to drive defencively--without blaming their lack of that ability on others.

Posted by np at August 2, 2005 12:03 PM

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