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I slam my brakes on. so what if they crash. they still get the ticket. "I was breaking for a animal and this moron was tailgating" He gets the ticket and if he rams me, i also get to sue

Posted by Barry at July 17, 2005 08:46 PM

So, my problem with this one, is that tailgating is an interpertation by the person that THINKS they're being tailgated. I once had someone (politely leaving out the expletives) do exactly what you just suggested, in all your safe driving wisdom--they slammed on their brakes. I stopped easilly, so they did it again, and again. I never once came close to hitting them. That wasn't the only time that somebody drove unsafely, because of their uncontrolled anger on the road.

Can every person complaining say that they can compete in an ironman? How about score 180+ on an IQ test? I would think not. Then, based on that, how is it that you know for certain what the reaction time and stopping ability of the car behind you is.

So I suppose if you need to slam on your brakes to teach that tailgater a lesson, do it. If they hit you, then they should have backed off, and they deserve it. If they don't hit you, then go home, cut your license in half, and take your medication, before your driving hurts somebody.

Posted by np at August 2, 2005 12:14 PM

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