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You may wish to remind people about the use of FOG LIGHTS. Why do people use them when they are not in a situation that warrents them. TURN THEM OFF because they get in people's eyes (even when they are not supposed to). They do not make your car look cool.

Also, remind people to replace BOTH headlights when one blows... that makes them even.

Speaking of even... its a real pain when one headlight is pointing higher than another. Or one is bright and one is dim.

Speaking of dim... what about smoking while driving? And even worse, littering with lit cigarettes? Stop throwing them out the window like a jerk! I'd rather see people choke on them.

Posted by Rob at November 20, 2003 10:53 AM

Oh, this website is wonderful. Road Rage has become such a problem for me lately. I live in Willimantic, CT (Also known as Willi-Rico due to the large hispanic population. There are SO many bad drivers. Add this to the "Signal light section". Signal lights are installed on the vehicle for the purpose of informing other drivers that you are about to make a turn/lane-change. Use them BEFORE you make a turn or lane-change, and BEFORE slowing down. They aren't very effective when you've already slammed on your brakes and are halfway into your maneuver. Signal-lights weren't designed as an excuse for the police to ticket you when you don't use them.

Posted by Josh at March 25, 2004 03:37 PM

Regarding the use of hazard lights.
In some states it is actually against the law to use them unless you are absolutley stationary. In those places, seing someone with their hazards on indicates they are stopped. Now I know that in Pensylvania, you are required to use your hazards when you are below 45mph and its either raining or snowing. However, when you visit Florida, please turn them off.

Posted by Andrew at October 18, 2004 02:22 PM

I just found this website. I LOVE it!! My peeve is this: Trying to make a left turn on a busy street. I have to do this three times every morning on my way to work. At the first turn I have to make - the car in front of me never notices that in the oncoming traffic the guys right turn signal IS ON!! THIS MEANS YOU CAN MAKE THE LEFT TURN FOOL! AND IF YOU MADE THE LEFT TURN IN A TIMELY MANNER YOU'D ALLOW ME AND THE TWO OTHER CARS BEHIND YOU A CHANCE TO MAKE THE TURN AS WELL INSTEAD OF WAITING UNTIL THE ONCOMING CAR IS AT THTE INTERSECTION AND THE LIGHT TURNS RED - ONLY ALLOWING YOU TO MAKE THE TURN. PISSES ME RIGHT OFF.
My second left turn isn't quite as frustrating - but my third left turn of the morning is more about the oncoming drivers making the right turn - WHO DON'T SIGNAL UNTIL THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT - LEAVING YOU IN THE INTERSECTION LIKE AN IDIOT WHEN I COULD HAVE MADE THE LEFT TURN WAY BACK WHEN MOSES WAS A BOY!!!
Sometimes this means waiting at the light for another 5 minutes until it changes green again. 5 MINUTES IN THE MORNING IS LIKE DOG YEARS!!!!

Posted by LYNNE at December 1, 2004 02:31 PM

Lane Hugging. Am I the ONLY person on EARTH who knows what the F this is??? If you are making a left hand turn, towards the same street I am turning into (and i am turning right, the light is green so I have right of way)... HUG YOUR DAMN LANE! Hugging a lane doesn't mean gripping the pavement AFTER an accident when you've been thrown from your vehicle because you didn't drive correctly...HUGGING a lane means when you turn, stay in the lane you are turning in...don't switch lanes in an intersection...In drivers ed', they taught you to TURN FIRST, then put on your RIGHT turn signal, and move to the right lane AFTER the turn...clue up folks. Not hugging a lane is against the law! And stupid. : )


Posted by Mathew at December 8, 2004 03:05 AM

There should be a proximity switch on SUVs and other high-profile vehicles, to dim the lights so they don't blind the vehicle ahead of them at lights & stop signs. I have to wear amber glasses with flip-down sunglasses to save my retinas.

Posted by Kate at December 9, 2004 01:45 PM

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