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Well, even though we enjoy dogs, we've never had one as a pet. One day, when we were living in a garden apartment, we were coming home from somewhere when we saw that a mother rabbit had dug a small nest near our window and there were a couple of baby bunnies in the nest.

Well, that pushed us over the edge and we got our first bunny and have been hooked ever since.


Our Bunny

Indy - The Connected Bunny!

Indy is our latest bunny.

Sadly, we lost Indy on december 13, 2008. She was "Daddy's Little Girl" ... and she always will be.

Check out her webpage ... with BunnyCam and !


Our Past Bunnies


He was our last bunny who really gave us lots of joy. He was a dear friend.


Travis was our first venture into "bunny-dom". Though he was a bit "ornery" (he wasn't fixed), he taught us how great it was to have a bunny

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Chicago Chapter of the House Rabbit Society

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