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OK, I've got a small problem... there's not much here, but I'm starting to put all of this together. It will take me a while, but it will eventually be here!


2003-Jul All All-Star Week Festivites - 191 photos
2003-Jul-15 MLB 74th All-Star Game - 48 photos
2003-May-25 White Sox - Fuji Film Photo Day - 53 photos
1995-Apr-05 An Evening with Bill Jackson at the Museum of Broadcast Communications - 29 photos
1980-Nov-17 Le HostSpot Pilot - 33 photos
1979-Aug-15 McDonald's Happy Meal commercial - 13 photos
1979-Jun-01 Firehouse Follies - 44 photos
1978-Nov-14 "The Bull Session" for The Budd Company - 31 photos
1977-Aug-13 BJ & Dirty Dragon Stage Show - Woodstock Opera House - 4 photos
1975-Dec-13 Gigglesnort Hotel - 4 photos

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