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This is Indy, our current bunny. She's known as the connected bunny because, believe it or not, she's got a Live WebCam inside her cage! Click on the image to the right to see her! And on top of that, Indy also has an ! (yes, she does get some very nice EMails!) A word of warning - she does seem to enjoy eating the EMails that I print out for her.

Indy is named after Indiana Jones.

Indy's name comes from how we came upon her.

What was Indiana Jones afraid of? To quote the move: "Snakes ... why'd it hafta be snakes?"

Indy was originally purchased to be "lunch" for a snake that one of Carol's co-workers was "snake sitting". There were 2 snakes, 2 rabbits. One of the snakes ate his "lunch", the other didn't, and the co-worker's girlfriend couldn't stand seeing the baby bunny in the cage with the snake, so she pulled her out. They looked for someone to take the bunny, and I guess it was time for us to step in.

Indy was only 6 weeks old then. We picked her up on December 27, 1997.

Baby Pictures

Here some pictures from Carol's co-worker on December 22, 1997, that made us fall in love with her when we first saw her as a baby.

Indy's Home

Indy now lives with us in a spacious Metro™ Condo Cage from KW Cages


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