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This is an archive collection of entries from  my main personal blog, My Mundane Mid-Life.

This collection of entries is from October 2002.

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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Survivor Thailand - Episode 7

Survivor Thailand Screen Capture of Survivor Thailand Episode 7 - A paint pot Screen Capture of Survivor Thailand Episode 7 - A scary looking painted Ted Screen Capture of Survivor Thailand Episode 7 - The tribes meet after the paint fest Screen Capture of Survivor Thailand Episode 7 - Magilla raids the food at Chuay Ghan beach Screen Capture of Survivor Thailand Episode 7 - The Immunity Challenge Screen Capture of Survivor Thailand Episode 7 - Jeff snuffs-out Shii Ann's torch
This week, both tribes receive body paint in 5 different colors. Each member chooses a color and paints themselves however they want, and then show up at a meeting with Jeff. Since both tribes received the same colors, like-colored people are paired off to spend the day with each other - Shii Ann and Clay, Penny and Brian, Erin and Ted, Ken and Helen, and Jake and Jan. Two groups also have special instructions - Shii Ann and Clay visit Chuay Ghan camp and Ken and Helen visit Sook Jai. At the end of the afternoon, everyone meets back together. Jeff tells then that there is going to be something different happening - "The two tribes will live together on one beach" The four people that went on visits chose to live on Chuay Ghan beach. The tribes walk there and are greeted by a nice bread,brie, apple and wine feast and party hard into the night. They now call themselves "Chuay Jai". Time for the immunity challenge (As they leave, "Magilla" the monkey, raids the camp for food!) When the group arrives at the challenge, Jeff asks Erin how the first night went. Erin, in her response, says the word "merge". Jeff says "You said merge. I never said merge" And sure enough! It's still tribe versus tribe, living together on the same beach!!! The challenge is a Prison Break that Chuay Ghan wins. The Tribal Council for Sook Jai is long, with a lot of discussion about division, loyalty and information sharing. In the end, Shii Ann Huang, the 28-year-old Executive Recruiter from New York gets the unanimous vote to leave.

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Scrambling for the doorbell The neighborhood starts to get busy
Halloween was actually a bit more quiet than usual this year. perhaps the cold temperatures kept kids away. Only a few cool costumes this year. The thing that struck me this year was that many of the kids were very polite and even said "Happy Halloween" when leaving. The tote board for today: 79 kids. We usually have over 100 (and yes, we actually count every kid).

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A little bit of talk, a little bit of writing

Talked to the headhunter today. The conversation was short but pleasant. He's EMailing me a short questionare that I have to fill out.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Amazing Race 3 - Episode 5

The Amazing Race 3
"What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?"

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More interest

That headhunter from yesterday left me voice mail tonight and wants me to call about the position. At least I got a call, so that shows a bit on an interest.

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Darrian Chapman

Darrian Chapman
Chicago lost a sportscaster today. Darrian Chapman at NBC5 died from a massive heart attack at age 37 before playing at his weekly hockey game. He was a gregarious guy on air, and you can tell how much he loved sports and how much he loved the city. It was a shock to a lot of the sports people in town.

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They're changin'

WeatherCam shows leaves are turning - or falling
Looks like the leaves are starting to finally turn in the neighborhood (I can see it starting while looking at my WeatherCam). Chelby should be here any minute - We're going over some things that we need for her website.

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Glad that's over...

Just finished going back over my blogging entries to add titles and categories to over 730 entries. Too tedious, but I really wanted to do it. Now I just have to think about some Moveable Type designs for the blog.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

A strirring in The Force...

Out of the blue, I received an EMail from a headhunter today. I had contacted them back at the end of July. They have a permanent position opening up and wanted to know what kind of money I was looking for. I thought it was odd, in this crappy job environment, to have somebody remember my resume. Let's see how this goes - I've been down this road before.

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Monday, October 28, 2002

Nigerian 419 Fraud

There's an interesting article at The Slate - The Nigerian Nightmare - on the subject of an EMail I received this morning: Fraud. In fact, this Nigerian Scam is, according to published reports, the Third to Fifth largest industry in Nigeria. There is info about this at the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division website, and at the 419 Coalition Website.

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Angels World Champs

Anaheim Angels
The Angels win the World Series 4-1. A great series - nice and tight, give and take. Fox had a great shot of Giants manager Dusty Baker's 3½-year-old son Darren in the dugout - crying. Theis World Series was the first time two Wild Card teams played each other. As for Anaheim, they've never won the Series in their history. Last year, Anaheim was 41 games out!

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Moveable Type - a big nut to crack

I've spent most of the weekend going over my blog entries in Moveable Type to add titles and categories to the entries. VERY laborious. I'm still worried about how MT is probably going to force a few things on me regarding naming of files and directories. I'm thinking it's not very forgiving. I'm not any closer to converting this blog to MT. I'm on my way, but it's not going to be quick and easy.

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OK, let's see a show of hands... everybody who didn't use the time change to get an extra hour of sleep, raise your hand... (raises hand...)

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Fall Back!!!

Whooo Hoooo! A 25-hour day! I love today for that reason. I hate today because it gets dark so damn early.

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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Another Lazy Saturday

A nice lazy Saturday - exactly what Carol needs. We spent the day watching the Breeders Cup from Arlington Park. It was great hearing so many people say how great the facility is. Too bad it was cloudy and cold - the place looks beautiful in the sun. A new event record was set for All Sources Handle for the Breeders' Cup - $115,523,156. $13,568,233 was handled just at Arlington. There were 6 winners of the Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick 6, all purchased at Catskill OTB in upstate New York, with a payout of $428,392. Wow.

Paramedics responding to the house behind us
Just as the Breeders' Cup Classic was getting underway, paramedics pulled up at the house behind us. We never see fire department equipment in the neighborhood. Never. Looks like they took the homeowner away on a backboard with his head braced. I have no idea what happened.

Watched pieces of the World Series, Trading Spaces, and the Chicago Wolves hockey game on CLTV tonight, all at the same time (I love my remote). Wolves lost in overtime. Angels came-back and forced a Game 7. The jury is still out on Hilda Santo-Tomas (I think it was 1-1 tonight with Hildi - the huge dot portrait and the tall coffee table in Philadelphia: East Avenue just didn't work for me, but the kid's bedroom with the climbing wall and tent in Virginia: Gentle Heights Court was way cool)

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Friday, October 25, 2002

Love... exciting and new...

This sunday, the Pacific Princess - the original "Love Boat" - after 27 years of service, sails for the final time. It was introduced in 1975 and carried 640 passengers - "intimate" by today's standard of about 2,500. While in duty, she carried about 600,000 passengers on crusies for Princess Cruises. The Love Boat was only on the air at ABC for 9 years.

A new Pacific Princess is set to sail next year throughout French Polynesia and the wider Pacific region.

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Friday 5 - Halloween

The Friday Five
Time for another Friday Five...
1. What is your favorite scary movie? Has to be my first - The Exorcist
2. What is your favorite Halloween treat? Hmmm. to me the definitive Halloween treat is Candy Corn.
3. Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe your best Halloween costume. I don't dress. I don't go to Halloween Parties. Not my "scene".
4. Do you enjoy going to haunted houses or other spooky events? Nope. In general, I don't enjoy Halloween.
5. Will you dress up for Halloween this year? Nope.

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Survivor Thailand - Episode 6

Survivor Thailand
"Power of One"

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My eyes are burning...

I have been glued to CNN all day... it's been simultaneously rivetting, gut wrenching, astonishing, and confusing to watch everything unfold with John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo, and how it all unfolded coast-to-coast. Let's all pray the terror is over... and all I want to know is "Why?!?!?"

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The Mole?

Happy Mole Day, everyone! Oh, wait... it doesn't have to do with the ABC Reality TV show... it's about moles... Avogadro's Number, not the animals. It's about chemistry... see, one mole is a mass (in grams) whose number is equal to the atomic mass of the molecule... umm... nevermind...

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Amazing Race 3 - Episode 4

The Amazing Race 3
"Did You See How I Stopped It? With My Face!"

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The journey begins...

I'm starting the long journey of moving my blog from Blogger Pro to Moveable Type, thanks to a jump-start from Quinn. The biggest problem I'm running into is trying to incorporate MT into my existing website (which is more than just a blog, which MT seems to assume). I'm importing my Blogger entries now - it's taking quite some time (730 entries). So PLEASE be patient with me over the next week or so as I start moving things over, a piece or tool at a time.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Damn sniper...

Another killing, another murder today in Virginia. And the kicker is that the police have received another communique that says "Your children are not safe anywhere, at any time". How lovely, ya bastard...

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Out to lunch

Today's Fortune Cookie fortune
Had lunch today with my bud Barry. He and Buffy are going to Playa del Carmen in Mexico (actually south of it) this weekend for 5 nights at Gala Resort Playacar, an all inclusive. Sounds like a great time. Had a nice time talking over lunch - wonder what the fortune from my fortune cookie means???

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Lightning Fill-In the Blank

At my parent's house for dinner tonight. Dad looked so much better. The nurse says he won't regain the weight he lost, but he's eating up a storm! Listened to Wait Wait -- Don't Tell Me! on NPR on the way home (on WBEZ). I love that show, as well as Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? and I still have a soft spot for A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.

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The "E" word

Walk Away The Pounds Our Ash had leaves on it just 3 days ago Our maple is barely changing colors
I'm asleep. It's 8am. I'm hearing a "thump-thump-thump-thump-thump" entering my fleeting dreams. I start to think that someone in the neighborhood is working on a project outside in the clear morning. "Thump-thump-thump-thump-thump." No, that's not it - it's coming from from downstairs. Aw, crap - it's Carol doing her Walk Away The Pounds video workout - it's just turned up a little so that I can hear the bass through the floor. Then, I do hear noises outside - everyone is out with their leaf blowers. The trees are either shedding or green - the neighborhood doesn't have those fall colors yet, but there's an awful lot of leaves around. When I rolled out of bed and went downstairs, what's the first smell I smell? Yep, burnt popcorn. Cripes, I'm never going to get rid of that smell.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002

Lazy Saturday

Carol and I did nothing today. We watched TV, caught up on our TiVo viewing, took naps. It was wonderful. It was another sunny, clear day outside, only in the 40's.

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Woke up this morning and the house still smells. I open up all the doors downstairs - the furnace is on, a breeze is blowing in the front door. The smell is still there.

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Smoldering Orville

I was hungry, and decided to go downstairs and just make a bag of microwave popcorn. No big deal, right? Wrong! I put the popcorn in for the normal length of time and when I opened the microwave, clouds of smoke rushed out. I had significantly burned the popcorn, so much so, that I'm afraid it's actually going to combust. I make sure I know where the fire extinguisher is just in case. The kitchen and family room fill with that acrid smoke. I open the front door and try to air out the house, but nothing works. Crap. We'll never get that smell out...

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Friday, October 18, 2002

Wolves 4 - Mighty Ducks 3

Chicago Wolves Cincinnati Mighty Ducks Tonight's Promotion: Magnetic Schedules Tonight's Promotion: Replica Calder Cup Championship Team Rings All of the new championship banners are hung Hmmm... a new bar opened inside the Allstate Arena A hurried photo of a real Calder Cup Championship ring
So Carol says, "Do you want to go to the hockey game?" Of course, I have to ask "Why?" "So I can get a ring." Oh, jeez. The Wolves are giving out replica Championship Rings to the first 5,000 fans tonight. They're doing it on November 2nd, our next game (we have a 21-game Season Ticket package, and tonight wasn't one of our games), but Carol didn't believe they would give out rings on the 2nd (they are), so we go to the game. (They also are giving out Magnetic Schedules tonight, the same ones we got on opening night). So we get our rings (we have three of them now, one for each championship). They're pretty cool, but they're just not something you'd actually wear out in public. The Wolves play the Ducks again tonight (same as opening night). The teams play a much more disciplined game, but by 10:55 of the second period Frederic Cassivi stopped only 12 of 16 shots and got replaced by Norm Maracle, who stopped all 14 shots that he saw. Steve Maltais had two goals, but the Wolves lose 4-3.

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Friday 5 - Television

The Friday Five
Time for another Friday Five...
1. How many TVs do you have in your home? There's only two of us in our household, yet there's four TV's.
2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week? Since I'm at home, it's from when Carol gets up at 5am until I go to bed after 11pm. Every day.
3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children? Not at all, if it is used correctly and monitored.
4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken? Dramas: West Wing, CSI (original only), The Sopranos. Comedies: none, really. Reality: "Tier one" stuff only - Survivor, Amazing Race, The Mole (when it was on) and not necessarily Big Brother because the Live Feeds where so much more enjoyable.
5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like? Wow. Warner Brothers cartoons, quality sitcoms, and quality dramas with an edge. Even though I LOVE reality television, I don't think I'd program it unless there was a new genre that would be a winner.

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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Survivor Thailand - Episode 5

Survivor Thailand
"The Ocean's Surprise"

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Wet mower

Lawn service mowing in the rain
Sure enough, it started to rain pretty good - and the lawn service shows up to cut and trim the lawn. Figures.

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A sure sign of fall - the changing color of our burning bush The branches are thinning Leaves are falling
Only got up to 45° this afternoon. Fall is here, with it's low-hung gray clouds. Leaves are starting to fall, and our burning bush out front is turning crimson. The radar shows green blobs coming closer. I don't really like this time of year. If the sun was out, crisp air, barely a breeze - that would be different. Not this.

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It works!

Well, that took a while - I fixed the layout on my Blog pages. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Still screwed-up

No change in the screw-up on the layout on my blog pages. I'm still stumped, but will work through it... sorry, folks.

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Amazing Race 3 - Episode 3

The Amazing Race 3
"You Always Just Forget About Me!"

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Why is my blog over... there???!!!

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY LAYOUT??? Nuts... this is going to take forever to figure out... sorry for the screw up, folks... I'll get it fixed as soon as possible...

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Plasticine rules!

Cool! Wallace and Gromit are back!!! The BBC has posted the first of ten short Wallace and Gromit short films from Aardman Animations. The series is called "Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions", and focuses focus on a different invention that Wallace has built to help him around the home (such as The Autochef, The Bully Proof Vest, A Christmas Cardomatic, The Snoozatron, The Snowmanatron, The Turbo Diner, The Tellyscope, Shopper 13, and The 525 Crackervac - and the current one that you can view for free - The Soccamatic). Go! Watch!

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I'm a loser

I just did something that I didn't want to have to do. I had just hoped it wouldn't come to this. Being unemployed 16 months is pushing me over the edge and I have no choice.

I sold all my stock in one of my old companies just so that we can survive. I didn't want to do that. It's really screwed-up any hope of emergency funds.

Crap, I'm a loser. I can't provide for my family. Self esteem? Don't got it. Self assured? Gone long ago. A 24-year career in IT? I'm watching it fade and I'm scared... Ageism in the IT industry? IT EXISTS. I'm not feeling too good anymore...

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Monday, October 14, 2002

Argh Argh Argh!!!

All of the TV stations in Chicago have been teasing this story all day - Study says duct tape removes warts.

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Do you speak binary?


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Cold in Chicago overnight. We finally got our first freeze - 32° early this morning. This afternoon, mid 50's and sunny. It's no wonder Carol has had a cold all week - so much temperature variation. But then again, that's Chicago.

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Sunday, October 13, 2002

The swelling is down

Went to my parents tonight. My sister and I both agree - Dad looks so much better. He's got more energy, a bit more of an appetite, and he's motoring around with purpose.

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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Raise the banner, hoist the cup

Chicago Wolves Cincinnati Mighty Ducks Tonight's Promotion: Magnetic Schedules Tonight's Promotion: Calder Cup Championship Team Photo New season - new ice - new logo Screen capture of CLTV Broadcast: Captain Steve Maltais brings out the Calder Cup championship trophy... with dry ice in it The team gathering for the pre-game ceremonies Screen capture of CLTV Broadcast: Captain Steve Maltais gets his<br />
Championship Ring Screen capture of CLTV Broadcast: I'm thinkin' putting dry ice in the Clader Cup is not a good idea... The Chicago Wolves with their Championship Banners Screen capture of CLTV Broadcast: Raising the championship banners Screen capture of CLTV Broadcast: Faceoff of the 2003-2003 Season Screen capture of CLTV Broadcast: Adopt-A-Dog info Two Adopt-a-Dog's check each other out Nice puppy for a nice lady
We returned to the Allstate Arena to watch the season opener of the Chicago Wolves playing the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks. First off - lousy day outside - low 50's and rain. There was a big tailgate party outside with live entertainment, free hotdogs and drinks - that we just couldn't get ourselves to participate in. Walking into the arena, we noticed something missing - the AHL mandated the use of protective nets to be installed above the glass on each end of the ice. No nets. (Found out later that the nets are on backorder, and should be installed sometime next month.) Before the game, the entire team was introduced. Then, the captain, Steve Maltais skated out with the Calder Cup trophy. It was a bit weird though - they had stuck dry ice in it so it was smoking up a storm as Malts skated around the ice. The team was presented with their rings, we all watched a video of the Calder Cup playoffs, then they unveiled the banners and raised them to the ceiling. That's always a great time for a fan of any team - to watch them raise a championship banner. So, faceoff was about 27 minutes late. The game started out weak. We seem to handle the puck well, and skated well, but we were down 3-2 at the end of the second period. I don't know what happened during the second intermission, but the Wolves scored 5 goals in the final period to win 7-4.

The Chicago Wolves continued their association with the City of Chicago Department of Animal Care and Control with their Adopt-a-Dog program. They set up "Dally's Dog Pound" - named after Wolves defenseman Dallas Eakins, who is a team spokesman for the program - in the East Lobby by the Customer Service Booth during 8 games this season (last season 98 dogs were adopted). It's really cool seeing the people interacting with the dogs and making the commitment to bring one home with them.

After the game, we drove home to a pitch black neighborhood. No power! One of my computers at home had paged me that another device (not on a UPS) had stopped responding at 21:52:01. I hate having to fumble with locks in the dark, un-doing the electric garage door opener to get the car inside, and just stumbling through a dark, quiet house. The power came back at 11:20pm - no idea why it was out in the first place.

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Friday, October 11, 2002

Sunny day

Oakbrook Center
It was too nice outside today (clear skies, light breeze, 72°) to waste it - I went walking around Oakbrook Center today. Didn't buy anything, just enjoyed the weather and people watched (a good day for that). Tonight, back at home I saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile going west down Golf Road! I wanted to follow it to find out where it was going!

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Carol just got home from work (early - she's got a cold and is miserable), but she went to Weight Watchers today - she's down 2.6 and she's now lost 30.4 pounds! Way to go, dear!

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Hey Rocky, watch my pull a sniper out of my hat...

Let me start this by saying that this is probably "wrong" and "bad", but... why is it then when I hear about still another sniper shooting, this time in Spotsylvania County, and hearing Police Chief Charles Moose, is it wrong to think of Bullwinkle?

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I love my TiVo

I love my TiVo, I love my TiVo, I love my TiVo... TiVo has totally changed my viewing habits - for the good. I want to get a new Series 2 DirecTV Combo unit when it comes out (whenever that is). I am in total denial of the article at Slate - TiVo, We Hardly Knew Ye - Sorry fans, but it's destined for the ash heap of history

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Friday 5 - 1-2-3-4-5

The Friday Five
Time for another Friday Five...
1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be? Oh, crap, not one of these lists... I hate this type of list... OK, Les Misérables Original Broadway Cast (I'm a sucker for musicals)
2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be? Young Frankenstein (don't know why, don't ask), and Mystery, Alaska (ditto)
3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be? READ? I don't really read. So, a Bible would be one pick, and I don't know about the other two
4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be? FOOD! Now we're talking... Fresh brewed A&W Root Beer for the drink; Portillo's Italian beef, wet, with sweet peppers (with fries, if that doesn't count against the 4 picks); a steak from Magnum's; and Prime Rib from Lawry's.
5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be? OK, loaded question - my wife Carol would be one and the other four I won't discuss in public in case someone reads this and gets offended by not being on the list!

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Survivor Thailand - Episode 4

Survivor Thailand
"Gender Bender"

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Amazing Race 3 - Episode 2

The Amazing Race 3
"This Looks Like The Path Straight To Hell!"

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Electric man

What a nice day - sunny, clear, low 60's. I didn't have any time to reprimand Indy (even though I don't know how to reprimand a bunny, so I just chased her back into her Bunny Condo, where she stayed for the rest of the day while her parents fumed).

I spent the day doing some electrical work at my parents' house, a nice brick bungalow of Chicago's northwest side. My family's house - I spent 16 years there. My dad, who's 88 and in failing health, is always cold. So, on this glorious day, I walk into a sealed house, where my dad, in his sweater, has the furnace on, set to 75°. It was stifling in there - I had to open the doors and get some air.. At least by the end of my stay, dad had taken off his sweater. I hope he starts eating soon (he stopped a day or so ago - it's a side effect of the pain patches he was wearing) - he needs his energy to fight the infection and the cancer.

I was soaked in sweat - I had to turn on the air conditioning in the car on the way home to cool off. Nice ride home in the sun, though. Very enjoyable. Went home and opened the doors and just had a nice fall breeze blow through the house...

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We've loved every bunny we have ever had. They make great pets, and great companions - once you realize that rabbits are not like dogs, not like cats... rabbits are like rabbits. They are not easy to communicate with. In fact, there's an entire website setup just to try to understand what they are saying through their body language.

But, what do you do when, out of the blue, your lovely pet rabbit decides that she doesn't like your carpeting and decides to tear it apart, hoping that her parents will get new carpeting?

I mean, look, after 18 years we need new carpeting. But, after being unemployed for so long, I've got no chance of replacing it. So, when we have guests over, I guess I'll have to cover the hole somehow...

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

A new meaning to a handshake

Hey, cool! The human body can sustain a 10Mb broadband connection! Two Japanese companies are looking at using human conductivity to exchange information via a handshake.

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Illinois 2003 Quarter

The Illinois Commemorative Quarter to be released in 2003
The design of the new Illinois commemorative quarter was unveiled today at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Eh, not bad.

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Monday, October 07, 2002

Don't trust a cow... or a Bear

Monday Night Football Chicago BearsGreen Bay Packers
Chicago burned to the ground 131 years ago today, in 1871. The Chicago Bears haven't been on Monday Night Football for 5 years? Coincidence? Well, yes - the Bears have sucked for too many years, ABC didn't want to lose revenue on a bad football game. As far as Chicago burning down - well, what do you want from a cow... Bears are losing 14-7 to the Green Bay Packers as I write this (End of the 1st Quarter). I'm not expecting a big turnaround by the end of the game. I'm sure that "Home Field" being in Champaign isn't helping either.
Update: At the Half: Green Bay 24 Bears 14
Update: End of the 3rd: Green Bay 31 Bears 14
Update: Final: Green Bay 34 Bears 21 *sigh*

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Blue skies

Another crisp, clear day. Yep, fall is here. It got down to 41° last night, and it's supposed to only get into the mid-50's this afternoon. The trees are starting to change. I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year - the fall colors are great, but you start to see everything starting to die, the leaves starting to fall. Summer is over. Cold and dark will be around the corner.

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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Dad's infection

Went to my parent's tonight. Though dad's "thing" on his neck has gone down significantly, so has his appetite. He's lost 10 pounds in a week. He needs his energy to fight this infection and the cancer. I hope he can just get through these antibiotics, get this infection out of his system, and get back to eating again.

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Mmmm... Plastic...

Ever get a brand new liner for your shower curtain? I love that weird plastic smell... it reminds me of being a kid, and blowing up a floatie to use in your pool, or even blowing up one of those inflatable kiddie pools...

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Saturday, October 05, 2002

Wolves 3 - Griffins 2 - Preseason

Chicago Wolves Grand Rapids Griffins The Edge in Bensenville The Chicago Wolves during warmups Odd sign behind the bench Chicago Wolves bench Coach Anderson's view of the game Play-by-Play announcer Judd Sirott (right) Wolves applying pressure in the Griffins zone The team coming off the ice at the end of the Second Period Medics attend to a little boy hit above the eye with a puck The Chicago Wolves win 3-2
A bright, crisp autumn day in Chicago. Carol and I had absolutely nothing planned for today, and somehow we felt like we needed to start to gear-up for hockey season, so we wound up driving to Bensenville to go to the last Chicago Wolves preseason game against the Grand Rapids Griffins. We've never been to The Edge before - what a nice facility! Two rinks, lots of parking, good refreshments, great sight-lines. The game was So much better than last Wednesday. It was refreshing to see the style of play was back to what we've seen in the past - lots of aggression, decent puck control, wonderful shot combinations.

Now, one of the aspects of these preseason games (other than seeing players that you will never see again after the next week), is that these are really community events at discount prices ($5 general admission), and a lot of families come out. The downside? Well, these are people who bring kids to the ring and don't really supervise them. So? Do you remember Brittanie Cecil at the Columbus Blue Jackets game? You go to the game, you MUST pay attention. There was a large group of 5-7 year-olds that were 7 rows up above the tunnel. There were NO adults with them. In the third period, a little boy (5 years old - maybe) got hit over the right eye with a puck. FREAKED OUT EVERYBODY. A linesman saw what happened and got upset about it, streaked across the ice to get a towel, and came back to get it to the people that were now trying to help the kid. When you see these many kids running around, and the parents not understanding what could happen, you just know that something like this would happen. It took quite a while to get some medical attention to the kid. Damn, I hate this. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

Anyway, Wolves won 3-2.

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Friday, October 04, 2002


Christine is spreading the word about a new word that Mike coined:

blurker (BLUR-kur): n. 1. One who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves such as comments behind; a silent observer of blogs. 2. One who reads many blogs but has no blog of their own; a blog-watcher or blog voyeur.
I know you are out there. You Google search, you visit to see what's new, and you just move on without saying anything. How about taking a moment and just say "Hi!" in the comments area below this entry? Don't want to say it in public? How about a private EMail just to say Hi?

Let me know you are out there!

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I'm looking around and this is just a weird day in stories around the web...

The U.S. Army is using a Blog as a recruiting tool...

There's a homeless man that is using public library computers to write his own "The Homeless Guy" blog (USA Today article)...

A Montana Libertarian candidate for Senate has turned blue (it's called "argyria") from drinking colloidal silver to fend off disease. No really. He's BLUE...

A Dutch astrophysicist with the European Space Agency says the sun will explode In under six years... (of course, this is from Weekly World News, so take it with a grain of salt)

Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan said that President Bush and Saddam Hussein should resolve their differences in a duel...

Reporting of the new Bugbear virus, also known as Tanatos, is exceeding that of the Klez virus, so this should be a lot of fun dealing with this over the next few months...

I seem to remember this from at least a year ago, but scientists have officially proclaimed The World's Funniest Joke... and some of the other runner up jokes...

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My old team...

My old team - me, Chris, Sadaf, and Tom
I miss my old team mates... I've actually got up enough nerve up to IM two of them (the other doesn't have IM access because of a company firewall issue). We talked for a while and commisserated. I still miss that team, though...

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Ever hear of a Googlefight? It a Google search with two keywords. The "winner" is the keyword with the most results. For example lets use Chicago Bears versus Green Bay Packers. The Bears return 564,000 results, the Packers return 218,000 results, so the Bears win. The Fight of the Month is Hell versus Paradise. Hell won.

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Friday 5 - Shoes

The Friday Five
Time for another Friday Five...
1. What size shoe do you wear? 8 - 8 1/2 D
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Seven.
3. What type of shoe do you prefer (boots, sneakers, pumps, etc.)? All of my shoes (except one pair) are Rockports. Not a boot style, just a "Rockport" style.
4. Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Why are they your favorite? I have a pair of brown Rockports that I am wearing to death. They're soft, they're comfortable, they just fit right. The soles are wearing down, though and becoming smooth - which is a HUGE problem if I get near anywhere that is wet regardless of the texture of the surface. I've lost my footing way too often under those circumstances. But I love those shoes...
5. What's the most you've spent on one pair of shoes? About $125, I believe.

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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Survivor Thailand - Episode 3

Survivor Thailand
"Family Values"

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Envelope from RHLP

Went out to get the mail... we received our Season Tickets from the Chicago Wolves, so I guess we're ready for hockey season. I'm still stuck on baseball, even though we went to that preseason game last night. Carol and I were commenting as we were freezing in the bleachers that it was hard shifting gears and watching hockey. The team didn't help - there was no flow to the game, it was just back and forth, lose the puck, screen the goalie, etc. Didn't help that you're looking at a bunch of new guys, and the teams don't have their names on their backs yet. Well, the Wolves got rid of 12 players earlier today, a few of the guys that were dressed from last night. The exciting thing, however, is that the Atlanta Thrashers (the parent team of the Wolves) just sent 5 guys down to the Wolves, all of them great players that were on the team last year. That should help, I guess. We'll see a week from Saturday.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Wolves 1 - Admirals 8 - Preseason

Chicago Wolves Milwaukee Admirals Milwaukee Admirals at Chicago Wolves in Rolling Meadows Chicago Wolves in warmups before the game Michael Garnett in net during warmups (Brad Tapper in the foreground) AHL Preseason Hockey at the West Meadows Ice Arena A nasty fight breaks out at the end of the First Period Final score on the scoreboard
Tonight, Carol and I took a quick drive to Rolling Meadows to go to the West Meadows Ice Arena. Our "Puck Boys", the Chicago Wolves, were having a preseason game there against the Milwaukee Admirals. Hey, the tickets were only $5 - how bad could it be? We always try to go to this game - the Wolves have been doing this for a few years now. Well, this was bad. Yes, it's preseason. Yes, the coaches are still trying to figure out who will make the team. It was still bad. The Wolves lost 8-1. There was no offense (we were outshot 47-26). There was no defense to help out the goaltenders. (Norm Maracle gave up 5 goals in a little over 29 minutes). The team can't handle the puck (as always) and can't control the puck. And there appears to be a little animosity between the two teams - I wonder if it started at the game last week? There was a nasty fight at the end of the First Period, that had everybody involved - except the goaltenders (which was actually surprising). By the end of the game, there were 8 Game Misconducts. Ugh. The season opener is next Saturday. They had better get their act together or this is going to be an ugly season.

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Back home

OK, I'm back home. Dad's not going to the doctor - he doesn't want to. Admittedly, he's only had a little over 2 days of antibiotics to treat this thing, so it isn't changing much. He's got better color, better energy. I finally looked at the thing on his neck when the nurse was changing the dressing. Oh, Christ... I can't talk about it. It was something I've never seen before, and I just don't feel the need to discuss the gory details of what it's doing. Blech. Anyway, I think they were happy that I was there while the nurse was there - I guess it was just added support for them. Dad's still in pain, though. We'll see what's happening after a few more days.

Mushroom in the front lawn
I got home and went to get the mail, when I noticed something round and white in the middle of the front lawn. It looked like somebody had lost a ball. I went to take a look at it and it was a big, white mushroom! Had to take a picture of it - I thought it looked cool.

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Dad duty

Well, my mom called. My dad is actually worse than when I saw him on Sunday. The hospice nurse is coming at noon and mom wants me to be there. We may have to take him to Loyola to figure out what's going on. What is happening to him? What the heck is this thing on his neck that's growing and is so painful? Sigh.

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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

DWI and, um, porn

Survivor Thailand
The Smoking Gun has uncovered a DWI conviction of Sook Jai tribe member Jed Hildebrand, the 25-year-old Dental Student from Dallas, including RealPlayer or Windows Media Player footage of his sobriety test. And, in case you didn't know about it, The Smoking Gun also has stills from Chuay Gahn tribe member Brian Heidik's (the 34-year-old "Used Car Salesman" from Quartz Hill, California) "other occupation" - soft-core porn film star, credited as either "Dave Roth" or "Chris Hayden" or "Brian Linton".

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*nose wiggle*
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