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Invited Guests to tonight's event

Invited Guests to tonight's event

Who's Who (Left to right)
1. Paul Gitelson Worked with Bill in Indianapolis
2. Michael Lans Puppeteer for "Gigglesnort Hotel" and "Firehouse Follies"
3. Ian Harris Alias Dirty Dragon for live theatrical stage shows and live TV version, also puppeteer for "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show" and "Gigglesnort Hotel"
4. Judy Nishimura" Puppeteer at Ch 7, "Gigglesnort Hotel"
5. Dwayne Schoonover Chief Engineer at Ch. 32
6. Elaine Cohen Dancer and puppeteer for live stage shows and "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show"
7. The Ole Professor Mother Plumtree's husband
8. Ray Barnes Stage Manager and Director at Ch 32, "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show"
9. David Dillman Director at Ch. 32 "Cartoon Town" and "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show"
10. Jim McPharlin Director at Ch. 7 for "Gigglesnort Hotel"
11. Don lucky Puppeteer for "Cartoon Town" at Ch. 32
12. Al Hall WGN-TV - Producer
13. Jim Shaw Audio Engineer at Ch. 32
14. Charles Schisla Worked with Bill in Indianapolis
15. Cheryl Stutzke Production Assistant, Associate Producer for "Cartoon Town" and "The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show" at Ch. 32. Stage manager for some "Gigglesnort Hotel's" at Ch.7
16. Al D'Vorin Alias "Elvis Has Left the Building", BJ's agent

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 1995
Photographer: Cheryl Stutzke
Camera: Unknown

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Comments on "Invited Guests to tonight's event"

Thank you very much for sharing your memories of the Gigglesnort Hotel and Firehouse Follies. I remember both programs vividly. I only wish these shows were on the air now. In my opinion, they were as much a part of Chicago as the Bozo show was. I grew up in Waukegan when the programs were on the air.

Did you know BJ has a webpage? He is selling tapes of the show. I came across it as I did a google search on Gigglesnort.

Anyway, thanks again for the memories.

Charles Cook

Posted by Charles Cook at February 20, 2003 10:46 PM

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