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The photos in this gallery start with an event - "An Evening with Bill Jackson" at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. At the event, bill donated "his children" to the museum. The rest of the photos are from the display of the characters at the museum.

To view a larger version of the photograph, please click on the thumbnail.

Bill drawing Bullwinkle Bill on stage Bill talking to the audience Bill talking to the audience Blob makes his appearance Blob in transformation The characters come home Invited Guests to tonight's event Wally Goodscout Maynard Thumptwanger Weird Mother Plumtree Mother Plumtree Dirty Dragon and Bill The Old Professor Sign above the display cabinet The Gigglesnort Hotel Guestbook Recipes Lemon Dirty Dragon The Old Professor Clown Alley The Bill Jackson Puppets Cartoon Town The Bill Jackson Puppets The sign on the cabinet Wally, Maynard and Weird The Old Professor, Dirty and Mother Plumtree

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