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The photos in this gallery were taken during the MLB 74th All-Star Game Week festivities July 12-15, 2003.

To view a larger version of the photograph, please click on the thumbnail.

Jeff is bored Stephen Smitherman Aquafina Janie and Gary All-Star Futures Game Temporary wall All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game Aftermath Trista & Andrew? Firestone Fox on Bo & Ryno Jimmy Kimmel White Sox Bear Gate 3 Pepsi Pitch, Hit & Run V.I.P. Seating Camera on a boom Camera on a boom Security pit? Hit It Here Baseball Tonight set ESPN stickers ESPN Private Party Fox Remote American League Long Toss Dinger American League Batting Practice National League Batting Practice What, another blimp? Batting Practice The Ataris Home Run Derby Vehicle Check Point Ahead Vehicle Inspections Radiation detection Television trucks Satellite Trucks Antenna Masts Weather Channel Standup V.I.P. Tents Private Photo Op Signage Bobbleheads On Parade All-Star Bobblehead National League Loitering American League Team Picture Fraternizing National League Team Picture Jeff & Janie Crowded Skies Cubs in the Outfield A Fan of the Park Working on the logos Fireworks in dirt U.S. Marine Marching Band U.S. Marine Marching Band Now, <i>THAT's</i> a flag! National Anthem National Anthem Pepsi squad Ichiro Stretching 47,609 Right Field Concourse Shooting Ichiro View from Left Field Fox on Faust View from behind the plate View of the park Home Run No Other Games God Bless America Right Field Wide shot from our seats Maggs in the outfield Me at the Game Post-Game Self-Portrait Carol at the game Fox Satellite Trucks Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Japanese Media Waiting Japanese Media Interviews

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